Sunday, January 12, 2014

Game : Up n Down

New online flash game Up n Down is published now. You can play it here:
At Kongregate  (
At Kripalgamer (


Game Description : 

Deal with UPs and DOWNs of your way!
You will have to make your way towards your home. In your way, you will find UP n DOWN trigger. This trigger may help in your cause or may let you down, Good luck!

Instructions :

This is simple board game. The game is based on numbers. The game has tiles numbered from 1 to 50 forming a tile grid. The goal is to reach to tile numbered 50.
There are few 'UP and DOWN' triggers in the game. The trigger will take you to upper and lower tile in tile grid. Sometimes 'UP and DOWN' trigger will take you close to goal and sometimes it may take player to backward tiles.
Try your luck and get to destination in lowest possible tries. The players minimum tries will be able to register their name in highscore leaderboard.

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